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Doc Gould Recommends Autobody On The Run

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Doc Gould recommends Autobody On The Run

I first came to be a customer of Autobody on the Run in August of 2008. I had just bought a new 2008 Honda Civic, and before I had even paid my second payment, a sweet elderly lady left a stop sign in Higginsville, MO. and struck my front fender and drivers door, rendering the car unable to be driven. My insurance company wanted me have it fixed there in Higginsville. I contacted my dealer, Honda of Tiffany Springs with whom I already had a 10 year relationship. One of my regular car-service adviser told me that the ONLY shop they recommended for body work was Autobody on the Run. ABOTR immediately took over, assertively checked my insurance company, arranged to have my car towed; navigated the repairs between the insurance company, the auto rental agency, and Honda of Tiffany Springs (for the certified parts). ABOTR quickly but thoroughly repaired my car, and my new ‘baby’ returned to me new again.

Fast forward almost six years: this Honda now has over 450,000 miles, as I’m a courier who will take anything anywhere. Sadly, the car has been involved in several more unique accidents; including hitting a large raccoon at 70 MPH; driving over a large crumpled piece of metal that had just fallen from a trailer; being hit again by an out of town visitor; and a couple of incidents of operator error when I wasn’t focused enough. Every repair has produced similar outstanding results, and a couple of times when additional issues arose, they again cooperated with the insurance company to write an ‘incidental’ to rectify the situation.

Autobody on the Run is the only company that I will allow to perform body repair on my Civic, and Honda of Tiffany Springs is still recommending them today as much as they were over five years ago. I only allow Honda to work on my car for all maintenance, tires, and repairs. When an accident has resulted in a need for both body repairs and mechanical repairs, the mechanical work done at ABOTR was at a level of the dealer. Every time my car has been returned to me, I was surprised to see that they cleaned the interior in addition to the exterior.

I heartily recommend Autobody on the Run to anyone when the subject of body repair comes up, and I have done this dozens of times since that first accident in 2008. I believe that in the almost six years we have had a business relationship, I have encountered every employee of the business, from the receptionist to the body shop guys, and I have always been treated with friendly professionalism. Most people view the situation of body repair as a totally unpleasant experience; what with the ordeal of dealing with the insurance company, the auto rental agency, and not being in your car during repairs. I can honestly say that every time they have repaired my car, it has actually been a pleasant experience; which is a good thing, because as a courier who drives over 100,000 miles every year, frequently in places that I have never been, I am sure they will again have the opportunity to work on my car. With the work done by Autobody on the Run and all the other regular maintenance and repairs performed at my Honda dealership, I can proudly say that this car performs as well today as it did when it was new, which is pretty amazing for a car that has been damaged in the front and both sides; which is a great thing, as I intend to keep driving this car until in rolls over a million miles. Doc Gould, the Caveman Courier

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